The company leaders saw a need to expand the capacity of the surface coater to satisfy the rising customer needs. Using the opportunity of tendering, our company signed the New Hungary Emprovment Plan Economy Emproving Operational Program GOP-2.1.1-09/B-2008-0283 project contract. Fulfilled within this project:
- Developing of the decopressed air system
- Seting up a screwcompressor with coolerdryer
Within expanding the IT systems:

  • 1 server station
  • 6 workstation with operation systems
  • 1 company-specific Warehouse and Production software

- Monorail conveyor sintering system with

The Hungarian Economy Development Center has been actively involved in the transaction of the project. Fulfiling our undertakings in the contract, we provided our project closing report on the 9th of december 2010. to the collaborating MAG Zrt.

Tenderer’s name: SFT Surface Technology Ltd.
Project name: Expanding the surface coating technology service capacity
OP name: GOP
Tender’s name: 2.1.1-08/B Coplex company technology development for micro,-small- and medium enterprises.
Place (region): Közép-Dunántúl
Investment place (county): Komárom-Esztergom
Investment place: Bakonybánk
Money: 12 710 000 .- HUF
Support rate: 40 %
Date of support decision: 2008.08.28
Support points: 78,1