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20 years of experience has taught us many things. The technologies were modernized, improved throughout these years. By keeping these things in perspective, we managed to be where we are now. Thanks to this, our role in the market could also solidly improve year by year. We aim to continue this in the future.

Our most important aim was for to decades and it is today to provide perfect quality to our customers. Mainly this encourages us into new improvements.

Currently there’s 1500 squaremeters of own operation area available to us.

We’re operating ISO 9001 quality assurance since 1998.

Since 1991 many hungarian and international companies trusted our work, so we can say that:

  • We have more than five strategic partners who we’ve been working together since more than 15 years by now.
  • There are about 20-30 partners who has an ad hoc engagement agreement with us but assign us regularly.
  • The numbers of our new partners is increasing continously.


Important to know::


  • Coatings developed by us are lead and cadmium free!
  • Even four colors can be worked simultaneously.
  • We can undertake your order in the following maximum sizes:
    • 3500 mm long,
    • 1700 mm tall,
    • 1100 mm wide


Where can you find us?

The company headquartes and establishment can be found in Komárom-Esztergom county of Hungary at the Bánki Donát Industrial Area, next to Bakonybánk.

What are we working with?

Bringing the most modern technologies in our service, we can keep a continous, realiable quality in the long run through the following phases:


  1. Preparation: Industry PC controlled diping degreaser- phosphater pretreatment system, including a normal and an ion exchange flushing phase.
  2. Spray technology: Hand spray technology - GEMA equipments (jolt table - fluidized bed mixing tank versions)
  3. Burning: Annealing furnace with air circulation /controlling heat and time/ provides an equally good quality of work.


How many colors can be made at the same time?

Three spray booths and furnace placed in the plant co-operating with a conveyor machine provides the possibility of a simultaneous work with a variety of colors.


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